About InfraGard

InfraGard is an organization that is building a Trust Relationship between those individuals who are involved in protecting our nation’s Critical Infrastructures, and the FBI and other government partners.

The Birmingham InfraGard Chapter is a partnership between the Birmingham FBI Field Office’s InfraGard Program, and the Birmingham InfraGard Members Alliance.  Birmingham is one of 83 InfraGard chapters across the country. Our members work in banks, universities, utility companies, hospitals, and other companies that make up the Critical Infrastructure of our nation.  By participating in InfraGard, they develop relationships with the FBI, Homeland Security, and local law enforcement, as well as relationships with their peers in other companies.  These relationships are the key to Trust, and Trust is the key to Information Sharing.  Through Information Sharing, we hope to better protect our Nation’s Critical Infrastructures, and to better secure the resources of our member’s companies.