Healthcare and Public Health

Alabama’s Healthcare and Public Health Sector protects all sectors of the economy from hazards such as terrorism, infectious disease outbreaks, and natural disasters. Because the vast majority of the sector’s assets are privately owned and operated, collaboration and information sharing between the public and private sectors is essential to increasing resilience of the nation’s Healthcare and Public Health critical infrastructure.

The sector plays a significant role in response and recovery across all other sectors in the event of a natural or manmade disaster. While healthcare tends to be delivered and managed locally, the public health component of the sector, focused primarily on population health, is managed across all levels of government: national, state, regional, local, tribal, and territorial.

As part of InfraGard’s Sector Security and Resiliency Program (SSRP)InfraGard Birmingham Members Alliance has appointed acting Sector Chiefs to service this critical Sector for Central and Southern Alabama.

For more information about the Chemical SSRP and how you can help protect this critical sector contact:

Lynn (C) Murphree, MEng, CISM, FHIMSS
Data Security Officer
Viva Health

Russ Dorsey
Principal & CIO
Kassouf & Co., P.C.

Stewart Garner
Healthcare Consultant
Kassouf & Co., P.C.