IBMA Infracast On Demand: Open Source Intelligence Investigative Tools and Trade-Craft

The agility of technology and stiffness of government created a class of criminal more headlong and destructive than any previously encountered. To combat these new culprits, fraud fighters must adapt their reactionary approach, which served them well for the previous century, for a proactive attitude to fight fraud on the digital frontier. Through attending this presentation, fraud fighters will add another important resource to their duty belt.

During this presentation, attendees gained insight on how to think like a hacker, understand the basics of OSINT, and use open-source digital investigative tools in their investigations or to protect their agencies.

Michelle Ray, Assistant Attorney General at the Alabama Securities Commission, discussed 4th Amendment rules and guidelines one must consider when gathering data on the Internet.

James McDowell, Senior Securities Analyst for the Alabama Securities Commission, discussed how Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) tools can be used to detect cyber-threats and investigate cyber incidents and cyber fraud..

This was an open meeting presented by our Technology and Financial Sectors’ SSRP Programs, and included a Q&A session with the live audience.