November 8: Drones in Industry: Beyond Aerial Pictures, Capturing Actionable Data

Birmingham InfraGard Meeting

Date: Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Meeting Time: 11:30am – 1:00pm

Topic: Drones in Industry: Beyond Aerial Pictures, Capturing Actionable Data

Drones have becomes a popular and contentious topic in today’s pop-culture, but when applied correctly this technology transforms from a simple toy to a powerful tool for many commercial industries. This lecture format presentation will begin with a brief “intro to modern drones”, along with an overview of what’s required to operate drones commercially in the United States, and a history of B&G’s path to compliant operations on our projects. A simple introduction to types of hardware, outputs, and basic workflows will follow, with lessons learned on what’s necessary to begin flying and capturing immersive 3D maps. We will share our best practices for planning safe automated flight missions to acquire many types of data, and highlight these outputs using real-world examples on our construction projects. Furthermore, we will showcase what is possible when information acquired by drones is integrated deeply into existing construction processes. Finally, we will demonstrate how this data can be easily shared with entire teams to provide actionable data for collaboration across remote locations.

Speaker: Hunter Cole, Virtual Design and Construction Coordinator, Brasfield & Gorrie

Hunter Cole joined Brasfield & Gorrie in 2015 and is passionate about understanding and applying new technologies to improve existing processes. Hunter currently works as a Virtual Design and Construction Coordinator at Brasfield & Gorrie where he works directly with many emerging technologies such as 3D virtual design, virtual & augmented reality, 3D printing, and drones. Through the use of Building Information Modeling or “BIM”, he assists Brasfield & Gorrie’s project teams through the project’s delivery during the design and construction process. Hunter aims to add value to our projects by using new technologies to provide accurate and relevant information to our project teams throughout the lifecycle of construction.

Lunch Details: Jimmy John’s sub sandwiches, available for purchase at check-out

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