The Birmingham InfraGard Members Alliance

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You may have heard that we hold Monthly Meetings.

The Birmingham Chapter of InfraGard is celebrating its ninth year as a chapter. Founded September 6, 2001, our chapter meetings have been attended by more than 500 concerned American citizens who wish to help protect our nation. The 300+ members of the local chapter are part of the more than 37,000 national members who realize that it is *OUR* job to protect our nation’s Critical Infrastructures. We do this by gathering together monthly and communicating on our mailing lists to share information between our members and with the federal government about risks to our nation’s Critical Infrastructures. In many cases, we end up discussing Cyber Threats, because Cyber is the one Infrastructure that is present in all of the others.

Our Mailing Lists

We have three mailing lists sponsored by our chapter:
This is our main chapter mailing list. Meeting announcements, alerts, and discussion of interest to the chapter occurs here. The strength of our chapter is the relationships we have with our fellow security professionals. This mailing list is what keeps those relationships strong between meetings. Members can post questions or insights and have discussions with other members.
This is the list for those who want to receive the occasional update about meetings or important and timely security announcements from the Birmingham Chapter, but do not want to follow long threaded discussions via email.

To join either of these mailing lists, just send an email to the list address, in bold, with the subject “Subscribe” and an admin will receive a notice, and add you to the list.
This mailing list is the successor to the popular “packet-ninjas” mailing list that established Birmingham InfraGard as the geekiest chapter of the 86 national chapters. The purpose of this list is to escalate the value of our members’ research in cyber security matters by allowing for information sharing across the 86 chapters. Perhaps each chapter only has five people who are truly analyzing malware and determining the threat level, the functionality, the proper defense, and the point of origin of a new virus, worm, or botnet. With 86 chapters that could still be a valuable pool of 430+ if they were all sharing their knowledge with each other. We call ourselves a “volunteer forensics community” and welcome queries regarding malware threats from law enforcement or the general membership.

To join this mailing list, please login to the InfraGard Secure VPN, and visit this URL after logging in: