February 14: Cyber Security at a Rock Company

Birmingham InfraGard Meeting

Date: Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Meeting Time: 11:30am – 1:00pm

Topic: Cyber Security at a Rock Company

Speaker: Robin A. Nix is the Director of Information Services

Robin A. Nix is the Director of Information Services at Vulcan Materials Company.   He has been with the company for over 29 years in a variety of IT positions with 26 years in a management role.

Robin has provided leadership over the years to deliver mainstream solutions and to operate the IT function in a manner that is compliant, secure, cost effective and scaleable.    He led efforts to move from a highly decentralized IT organization at 7 divisions to a single IT organization resulting in reductions in operating costs while improving overall IT effectiveness and capacity to deliver solutions.

His teams have successfully implemented and operated technologies and processes that allow IT to respond quickly to business demands, support growth, and minimize costs.

Robin earned a B.S. In Finance at the University of Alabama in Birmingham in 1985.   After working 3 years at a local software company focused on Credit Union solutions, he joined Vulcan in Birmingham.

Lunch Details: Lunch provided by Vulcan Materials Company


Vulcan Materials Company Corporate Office
1200 Urban Center Drive
Birmingham, AL 35242