January 10: InfraGard Strategic Plans for 2017 and Beyond


Please attend to hear InfraGard national Members Alliance President Jeff Gaynor speak about

InfraGard Strategic Plans for 2017 and Beyond

  • goals for upcoming years
  • new initiatives
  • sector chief program
  • community outreach
  • information sharing between private sector and FBI

We will also be welcoming Huntsville InfraGard members to this meeting.


You must RSVP for this event because entrance to the FBI field office is controlled. For admittance, you will need to present identification at the guard house and pass through a metal detector. Do not attempt to enter the field office guard house with weapons (of course) nor with electronic devices. Cell phones and laptops must stay in your car.

There is an important RSVP deadline that you should note if you would like to order a lunch: Friday, January 6th at 4:30pm CST. There will be no refunds on the lunch tickets.

If you do not want to buy lunch, then you can RSVP as late as 4:30pm on Monday, January 9th, the day before the meeting by ordering a free ticket on EventBrite. You will not be able to bring a brown bag lunch into the field office.

RSVP: Please check your email – the RSVP link was emailed to current members.