July Chapter Meeting: Protective Tech for Schools and Commercial Facilities

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For our July chapter meeting Douglas Hughes, with Counter Threat Group, and Pete Facchini, founder of ProtectEd Rooms discussed the protective tech industry and how the private sector is innovating to solve these real world threats. Around 32 minutes in, there is a video clip of one of these in-office barricade systems.

Doug is a risk consultant with over 35 years as a licensed attorney working in healthcare and insurance. Doug concentrates on risk issues, risk management policies and programs, and the effect these programs have on your insurance coverages.

Master Sergeant (Ret.) Pete Facchini served in the U.S. Army, in the elite 75th Ranger Regiment. Frustrated with the helplessness of the victims of the Virginia Tech massacre, Pete set out to use his Special Ops expertise in breaching barricades to develop a system capable of protecting lives in classroom and office environments.